20 Things To Know About Me

20 Things To Know About Me

1. My peace is my responsibility. I preserve it with my soul. I will walk away from anything that threatens it.

2. I love solitude.

3. I don’t live for social media. I have a life. So if you want more gist on my existence. More pictures and vanity. Please manage these first.

4. I love to sing. I am presently working on my home studio. So expect more worship songs and collaborations.

5. I hate to write. So I record myself. Then my team translates and edits. That’s how I wrote Soul Stripper.

6. I almost drowned twice.

7. Now I swim like a fish.

8. I love private, intense conversations.

9. I have attended less than 20 weddings in 30 years. I don’t have the energy for noise at parties.
I prefer private gatherings.

10. I am a helpless romantic. When I love I offer myself as a living sacrifice.

11. I speak 3 languages. Fluent in Tongues. Yoruba and English. My French is epileptic.

12. My first degree was in Diplomatic Studies.

13. I like to play the piano.

14. Red is my best colour because there are only two colours in the world. Red and others.

15. You can win my heart with peppered snails and golden brown plantain.

16. What I do for a living is what I have always wanted to do with my life. So this isn’t work for me. This is fun.

17. I am the last born of 4 kids.

18. My first trip out of Nigeria was in 2013.

19. I wrote my first book when I was 17.

20. My most precious asset is my deep joy and peace. I am a happy soul. I am content. I love my life. If I return to this world. I will want to return as myself.


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