Announcing a change of name

Life is in phases,

The first facet is when you walk in the identity of the names and recognition you received at birth.

While the second phase is when you step out of the identity you received from birth and step into the identity created for you by the creator.

The first phase requires little or no level of consciousness. It’s life on auto-pilot, with no deep thinking or critical thinking, uniqueness, and candor.

While the second phase requires soul stripping.
A process that demands a level of consciousness and congruence.

When you live, move, and have your being at the first apartment you are perceived as a commoner. Nothing deep about your existence, just vibes, and your survival skills.

But when you subscribe to the genius of your composer, you and everyone else will perceive, feel and taste the difference.

The difference is the unique advantage.

Come up higher,

Audit your existence to align with your architecture.

I am rooting for you.


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