Culture said, ‘When you get married, you will be happy’, now I am married but not happy.

Then they said, ‘When you have money, you will swim in happiness’. I have transcended the survival stage, I live a comfortable life, yet, I am bereft.

‘Oh, it’s because you don’t have children yet, wait till you do.’ Three kids after, I am still scanning for happiness.

Happiness is not always the sum total of accomplishments.

Happiness is progress.

Your definition of progress may also be different from mine; it is relative.

Happiness is therefore personal, not universal.

People desire peace, happiness and deep joy, yet, they go outside of themselves to find it.

They seek happiness and joy from the outside – from money, power, big cars and houses. Most people never pay attention to the ultimate source of a happy life, which is within not outside (Dai Lama).

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