One of the reasons why it may not be easy to find love as a celebrity or popular figure is…

You are no longer human to most people.

You are now a tool of performance. A product. An object of romance.

People will be around you for their agenda, not yours.

They may date you for the name and fame,

They may fall in love with the fantasy, not the reality.

The more successful you are, the more pretentious they will be around you. Or who criticises their source?

Dating may no longer be dating to you. Dating is a scientific experiment with mixed paranoia.

You suspect everyone till proven otherwise.

When you finally decide to date. You pray it doesn’t fail. When it does, mortals show up with machetes like they have never experienced a failed relationship.

Then you retreat to plunge yourself into depression. The never good enough syndrome.

You are good enough. You are human. You will experience everything mere mortals do. Failed businesses. Relationships. Marriages. Health etc

Being a celebrity does not make you an exception. You are just a human being with media attention.



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