Emotional Intelligence lessons from BRIDGERTON

His dad desired a son not because he was interested in parenting but because he needed a shame consumer.

A disgrace eliminator.

A preservative.

An heir to the throne.

When he received one. He was so excited, he didn’t notice his wife’s dying moments. The birth of his baby boy was more valuable than her life.

Baby Simon grew up into a handsome stammerer. Like this young dude showed up a stammerer after his fathers years of waiting?

How dare him not have the gift of magniloquence?

Do you know who your perfect father is?

Well, he rejects you today. You are nothing but a disgrace to his lineage. He curses the day you were born.

This rejected soul was raised by Lady Danbury into a fine gentleman.

A suave bearded gentle but broken man.

A man desperate to mask his pain and vulnerability.

Handsomeness couldn’t blur his childhood trauma,

Elocution couldn’t hide the pain of rejection.

The multiple personality he created couldn’t eliminate his pain.

HIS GRACE was bleeding while leading.

The child in him longed for companionship while the man in him desired to be vindictive.

He will not preserve his vicious fathers legacy.

He will dedicate his existence to revenge.

A grievance that has contaminated other areas of his life and being kept alive by compulsive thinking.

Simon will rather die than extend a legacy.

Interestingly, the more he fought.

The more he failed.

The child in him was tired of living in the grip of ego.

Simon craved freedom while HIS GRACE will do all to prove a point.


His father isn’t the enemy.

Ego is the enemy.

When ego sets in rationality disappears.

Ego destroys it’s host.

Ego extinguishes joy.

But I am glad, SIMON decided to heal.

He decided to trust, love and be loved.

He decided to stop bleeding.

He chose to restart his existence.

Where is your EGO getting in the way?

What is your EGO stopping you from achieving?

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