Father and Daughter Moments

Father and Daughter Moments.

My adopted dad is one of the most reputable executives in the world.

I savour his words and take pleasure in learning from them even when I share a different opinion.

Here are some wisdom nuggets he shared with me in 2020. I hope they make sense to you.

1. You can’t have a successful marriage without patience and accommodation. There will be intolerance, control, irritation, the keeping of records, etc. Those can lead everywhere including hatred.

2. Things aren’t always black and white. Either or. Take it or leave it. Wisdom is 256 shades of grey.

3. Patience is a major virtue in a relationship.

4. Sex drive is powerful.

5. Hurts can lead to offences so it’s best to discuss.

6. Offences are dangerous in marriage.

7. Good relationships don’t just happen, it takes daily investment.

8. Women cuddle, men bundle.

9. You are strong enough to define the way you need to be loved. You won’t get everything because of personality but it’s important you let a man know what is love for you.

10. You are a strong soul, a man may not realise you are still a woman. Reveal your feminity.