Here is why you date people you should dodge

Here is why you date people you should dodge.

Not every act of kindness should lead to a relationship but one of the reasons why they lead to it is because,

We were not loved at home or raised in love.

When you are not used to kindness, you bond with the tiniest level of attention you receive.

Every hello, leads to a wedding fantasy.

Lack of self-awareness, self-love and Parental validation are some of the reasons why we date people we should dodge.

But we can’t keep blaming our Parents so we need to invest in our affection account.

Not every act of service, word of affirmation, gift, and quality time should end in a relationship, sex, or marriage.

A way to invest in your validation account is to build a support system. Join tribes and communities that align with your values.

Invest in support groups and inner circles where you can form beautiful friendships, relationships, and alliances.

These friendships will feel a void in you.

Yes, you were not raised with and in love but you can raise yourself.

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