How Emotional Intelligence can help you as an Entrepreneur.

I have been an entrepreneur in Nigeria for 13 years and I know the difference between the quality of my life before emotional intelligence and my life afterwards.

Emotional changed my life that is why is consumed by the passion to change others.

As a Nigerian entrepreneur, it is important to understand that money/contracts may not be awarded to you based on expertise but based on a blend of mastery and relationship management skills.

We are a Nation run by who knows who.

The child of nobody MAY not quickly become somebody without knowing anybody in this space.

It is an oppressive system where power is an end in itself.

So we need to navigate this terrain with wisdom.

We need to be wise as serpents.

Anyhowness won’t cut it in 2021.

If you are one of the persuasive executives who will do anything to secure the bag but once you acquire the contract, you evaporate. Please stop it. You are ruining your growing reputation.

Communication is also crucial in business. Some issues can be proactively handled just by communicating with the client. So please don’t wait till the deadline or even forget to reach out. Once the client reaches out before you, you will wallow in the damage control and aggression zone.

Please offer your client’s bonuses, discounts and freebies when you can. Check up on old clients too. Show them you care. I have made cool digits by reconnecting with voices I haven’t heard from in a while. Let your client know you truly want them to succeed. Entrepreneurship is more than money.

Finally, some clients can be powerful. They can be contentious. Please ensure your cognitive centre is connected before you speak. If you speak before you think, you will experience amygdala hijack and once you do. You will not only lose the client. You may lose future deals.

Calm down.

Don’t give a piece of your mind every time or utter words the way you feel them. You also can’t keep saying, this is how I am or this is how I talk.

You are an adult.

Please engage in mental edit.

Employ your PAUSE before you speak. While speaking and after speaking.

If you don’t, your account will lose weight and you will keep shouting “God When”.

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