How to inculcate spiritual gifts in business


Word of Knowledge has made me an Oracle for the past 17 years.

It has furnished me with the capacity to unravel mysteries, engineer and restore emotionally flustered adults.

This supernatural gift is my missile.

The ability to discern a client’s precedent, connect with their present and visualize the imminent.

Despite my Ivy League profile, Word of Knowledge is what separates me from millions of other mental health leaders.

It is my distinct solution system.

It transcends me into a realm independent of the physical universe. Any wonder I am incredibly good at what I do.

To experience this gift in your business too, here is my ritual.

1. Total acquiescence to God. I am not self – made. I don’t even understand the prideful concept. I am God-made so I correspond with him before and after every business engagement.

2. Pray for my clients. My associates at Emotions City know that we really yearn for our clients’ success. Business with us is beyond money. It’s about an increase in clients’ performance and profitability.

3. Cultivate a habit of deep listening. I keep drilling my soul to hark what is not said or can’t be articulated. Listening helps me unmask the distress.

4. Praying in tongues furnishes you depth and acumen.

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