I hate to confess this but I will…

I hate to confess this but I will…

The last couple of weeks have been surreal,

My dreams have been filled with special appearances,

Special appearances from humans the devil is trying to unsubscribe from the earth.

Interestingly, these humans aren’t my friends,

They are my virtual fans and acquaintances in different Countries I have never been to, I also haven’t set my eyes on about 80% of them before so I am humbled by the fact that God is filling my dreams with the movie of their lives.

When I wake up and send them direct messages about their special appearance and the message behind the dream, they are in awe of the accuracy.

Most of them are actually dealing with health issues so the reason God is serving me the small chops of their lives is that I have the gift of healing, and I am humbled by the fact that no one person I saw in my dream has been buried.

Why am I sharing this,

The world is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God,

Humans with activated spiritual gifts,

And I don’t mean organized religion or Christianese, please.

I mean the sons of God.

Humans who understand how to operate at a supernatural level of vibration and frequency.

If this is you, stop forgetting your role as a gatekeeper or watchman.

Stop losing your guard.

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