I Prefer Harmony.

She walked into my office downcast and depressed. Consumed by the passion to achieve work-life integration. According to her, the more she tried, the more she fell apart.

I smiled and said, you may never achieve Worklife balance. Balance is a misguided metaphor because it conveys the idea that we have to give up the prospect of success in one part of our lives in order to have it in another part – one or the other ( Friedman, 2019). Or how do you give equal attention to all the areas of your life?

I prefer harmony.

Harmony is the blending of simultaneous parts of your life. The ability to dwell in the present. Discipline to put the phone down. Go deep. Evacuate your soul to people you love. Harmony is discerning the fact that there was life before technology.

Harmony is not carrying your title from one part of your life to other parts. Harmony is fighting for your private time otherwise called polarity pause. Harmony is being busy with absolutely nothing but lying down and listening to your soul even if it’s for a few minutes.

Harmony is hugging your kids like it’s your last time. Harmony is listening and perceiving emotional cues. Harmony is making excellence be your signature at work. Harmony is living your life like you had just one week left.

Harmony is tranquillity. Peace. Alignment. Togetherness. Integration. Life.

Harmony is the new balance.

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