One of my favourite Bible verses is


Jesus didn’t have to weep.

He knew the end from the beginning. The entire script. He was going to wake Lazarus up.

But he wept because his sisters wept.

Mary and Martha were disappointed he showed up late. Days after Lazarus was ill, dead and buried. You shouldn’t ignore a close friend in a time of need talkless of their dying moment.

But he arrived late for his buddy. Late to humans. In time for God.

He also could have arrived, hugged the sisters and request to know where he was buried.

He could have shown up. And shown off.

But he didn’t.

He showed up human. Empathetic. Vulnerable.

Jesus wept because the sisters wept.

He wept because he wasn’t with his friend at his dying moment.

He wept because emotions are data.

If the son of God practised vulnerability.

Who are we?

Take off your mask.

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