Just before you attend your watch night service.

Watch night service can be dramatic.

Full of emotions on Gods faithfulness.

How God preserved you from death, business calamity and destruction.

While at it, please have mercy on your fellow worshipper.

Some are attending the service in pain.

They lost their spouses this year.

Some lost their children.

Some lost their parents.

Some lost businesses. Jobs. Homes etc.

Some watched their relatives, colleagues and neighbours die and get buried alone.

God is faithful to them too.

They didn’t encounter this because of lack of offering and tithe.

Neither are they carnal Christians or sinners.

It is simply the grey area of life that God alone can explain.

Please be thankful but mindful at your watch night service.

Roll on the floor in gratitude not in comparison.

Let’s preserve what it is to be HUMAN.

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