Just Before You Hate Men

There is always a chilling story on the street of social media every month about the evil actions of some men.

The spectrum ranges from child abandonment to domestic & emotional violence, financial irresponsibility, entitlement, infidelity, etc

We have all read stories or experienced outright evil from our fathers, brothers, exes, uncles, cousins, and spiritual leaders.

Some stories leave you in tears and resentment, like how could you do this to another human?

Actions rooted in evil, wickedness, selfishness, greed, parental failure, patriarchy, and religious sponsorship.

A slice of Patriarchy is sponsored by religion. I am still amused at how the Bible verse “wife submit to your husband became more popular than husband love your wife as Christ loved the church”. And how the verse “God hates divorce is more popular than God hates injustice”.

An average human being is selfish, not to talk about a gender raised to focus on money.

Culture programmed women to center their lives around men and marriage while men were raised to center their lives around money.

Women who refused to center their lives around men and money are mocked and stigmatized as unhappy because happiness is viewed via marital lenses. Like how dare you declare yourself happy without a man?

This evil will continue to penetrate the fabric of culture because the evangelists are the beneficiaries and there is a battle for control, to control women.

They need women to revolve their lives around them and live for them.

Interestingly, not all men are perfumed in evil, some very good men exist.

Men who prioritize, love, respect, and cherish their women. Men who were raised not erased. Men who love you as Christ loves the church. Please focus on these humans, they exist everywhere even though
the PR for badly behaved men is more than good men.

Good men exist and are praying not to be tainted by their genders PR.

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