I have not been able to comprehend the fact that some precious souls wanted him to win because of the LGBT and abortion law.

I mean humans craved to keep a professional, social and cultural narcissist in power because of the LGBT tribe.

Are we that full of disgust?

Disgust for those we don’t understand or those we ‘think’ sin differently?

The number one man in the world normalised inhumanity.

Yet we wanted to extend his reign because of LGBT.

What about two consenting adults sexual preference is disturbing your existence?

Why are you affected by what adults do in their closet?

How do we claim to represent Christ who is love yet we drown in resentment?

I am not a liberal Christian.

I am a Christian.

All life matters from the womb to the tomb.

So I can’t nurture hatred.

Christ died for us all.

Stop ‘hoarding’ grace.

The LGBT TRIBE is also deeper than sex and the earlier we understand this movement, the better for us all.

Understanding is also different from accepting.

So you can understand but not accept.

Life is deeper than private parts and our job description as sperms of God is to love not resent.

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