This statement may be strange to you because it is shredding the cultural paradigm you hold adorable.

But yes, Marriage is NOT an upgrade.

An upgrade in what really? In being respected?

Respect is a fundamental human right not a reward for the exclusive few with a marital license.

Look around you, we have more ” if you are believing God for a life partner conference” all across the country than purpose discovery conferences.

Youths who haven’t discovered their existence want to discover their genitals. Or even raise a child.

Can a child raise a child?

We haven’t been single. We haven’t loved our singleness. We aren’t in love with ourselves. Yet we want to be loved by someone else.

Some of us even find it bizarre not to be in a relationship.

We are always dating.

Always looking for happiness in someone else.

People don’t get married, values get married.

Houses, cars, suits, perfumes, designer wears have gotten married at registries and worship centres. But the humans didn’t get married.

Let’s stop chasing people to the altar or treating singleness like an epidemic.