Me are NOT ready to live in the society they are creating.

A society where an XY chromosome can wake up in the morning to reward his committed and loyal wife of 17 years with a supplementary wife. He didn’t even respect her enough to inform her, she found out online a day after.

He has also gone on a charade on how real men take responsibility. No real men, don’t cheat. They don’t swear to monogamy and then surprise their wives.

If your wife can’t surprise you with a second husband after 17 years then don’t serve her what you don’t want to be served.

It’s interesting how we have normalized oppression and wickedness in Nigeria. We even quote scriptures to encourage our nuisance value.

The hidden part is when women decide to level the playing field. Men will weep, wail, and quench.

Millennials and Gen Z won’t consume what XY chromosomes are serving Generation X or baby boomers. That bullshit pain you expect someone’s child to experience because they love you, they will dump you before you start.

Gen Z, that are sending HR and Line Managers to therapy are the ones you want to joke with? Some of you won’t wake up.

I hope we are ready for a level playing field because, in less than 10 years, men will find out they don’t own the children they are raising because there is an expired time for oppression and wickedness and the time is now.

May good men and women find themselves.

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