Mr Car Accident Experience

Today marks the 4th year anniversary of an interesting car accident I had on Ikorodu road, Lagos, Nigeria.

My executive assistant was at the wheels with some beautiful gifts on the front seat while I sat at the back. The deal was to drop me off at my worship centre then head out to deliver the surprise gifts.

On our way to my worship centre, I noticed the man beside us was driving distractedly. Before I could warn my PA, we heard a disastrous noise. Alas, his PRADO jeep had crushed our rear. We stepped out of the car to examine the damage while he chilled in his car like we were the ones who hit his SUV.

After what seemed like endless minutes, he stepped out, assessed his car, and sized me up. After all, I was alone with him. My male PA had left in a cab to honour the surprise gift delivery appointment.

Then he uttered some misogynistic words I had heard about but never experienced.

“Go and call your husband, I don’t talk to women”. Wow! You bashed my car and insult me?

My system one ( Mushin spirit) wanted to serve him a buffet of my retired nuisance skills while my system two ( My emotional intelligent self) reminded me that anger is a choice and pressure only reveals content.

My response to his impolite statement ( my husband isn’t here sir, so we need to have this conversation) threw him off balance. He was shocked by my calmness and equilibrium. He tried pushing harder but I wasn’t going to lose my peace. So he finally agreed to settle the bill and we exchanged business cards.

On receiving my card his first statement was “any wonder, you refused to get mad”.

This and many more are the reasons why I am committed to helping high network professionals and entrepreneurs understand that anger is not an entity, anger is a choice. You become angry. And most of the time, anger is born from wrong perception.

So if you are tired of losing beautiful personal and professional relationships, then you should join me at the Introduction to Emotional Intelligence course on zoom this weekend. To register, please visit or send a WhatsApp message to 08125116740

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