My 7-year-old son

Every time I post a picture of my 7-year-old son, a concerned party will reach out to say I should stop calling him my son because it will chase men away.

My usual mind map that leads to an educative conversation is – I can’t remember ever sharing my relationship status with you.

So I doubt you should conclude that I am single and available.

– Will women flee from a man with a 7-year-old child?

– Shouldn’t a man who flees because of a harmless 7-year-old be re-engineered?

– Why should we keep stigmatising and shaming women because of a scene in their lives? How would you feel if you were despised this way?

– Can you see one of the reasons why there are still many children in Orphanage homes?

Because even if couples adopt, some humans will still disregard the kids saying they didn’t experience pregnancy.

We are all swimming in a massive sea of human beliefs, ideas, and practices.

Some are beautiful and bring joy; others are unnecessary, limiting, and sometimes even crippling. These mass of human thoughts—what I call the culture scape—completely saturates and influences our lives (Lakhiani, 2019). The culture scape sets up rules on how to love, who to loves, respect and adore. It establishes benchmarks to measure your self-worth.

The next time you feel tempted to utter a disempowering statement, check your culture scape. What are you measuring humans against or comparing them to?

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