I started watching porn about 7 years ago.

I can’t remember the exact date I lured my soul into it but I remember what led me to it.

I was working on a research paper on pornography.

I had read a series of journals and watched documentaries but

I thought I needed an experiential analysis on it.

So I looked up the topic on Google.

Found a couple of websites and documentaries.

Feasted on the content for minutes,

Minutes turned into hours,

Hours turned into days,

Days turned into Weeks,

Weeks turned into months.

I had completed my research paper but I had

Launched a new career in pornography.

Porn was consuming and shredding my soul.

I needed to fix this cryptic habit or I will be stoned.

For the purpose of this discourse, I will define pornography as ‘sexually explicit materials (SEM) intended to create sexual arousal in the consumer.

Effects of Pornography on Interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships as researched by me, American Psychological Association, Bauserman’s, sexual aggression and pornography and Bandara’s behavioural psychotherapy are

One – Pornography increases negative attitudes to women. Media depicts women as objects, holes to be penetrated not respected. It also has the same effect on the brain as cannabis.

Two – Pornography rejects empathy for victims of sexual violence and decreases sexual satisfaction.

Three – Pornography slows down thinking, decreases your creativity, increases your lust.

Four – The Sexual Script Model. Scripts are memory structures that provide information and rules for behaving.

Pornographers scripts emphasise culturally accepted beauty standards, the idea of constant sexual availability and insatiable sexual appetites of men and women, the excitement of sexual novelty, and sex outside of a primary romantic relationship.

Five – It rarely includes affection, intimate relationships, expression of love, and it often involves men ejaculating outside of a woman’s body while she expresses orgasmic pleasure.

Six – The Imitation Model. This Model theorises that consumers imitate what they have seen.

Any wonder there is an increase in rape, child porn and sadomasochistic acts in the world today.

Seven – The social learning model. This model posits that people learn through observation, but that only behaviours that are rewarded are likely to be imitated.

Eight – Permission – giving beliefs model. These are thoughts that rationalise behaviour.

E.g that using pornography is much better than seeking out women for affairs.

Nine – Perception of social norms model – This model describes how the heavy use of pornography skews the users’ perception of what is normal.

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