My experience at Eko Idumota ( Lagos Island)

I spent yesterday, exploring the streets of Eko Idumota (Lagos Island).

My last visit there was 5 years ago. So I had to hire an escort for some equilibrium.

The first trend I caught amongst hundreds of shoppers was that about 50 of us wore nose masks. While just about 12 wore it the right way.

It seems the gods of Idumota declared the territory COVID free.

I also observed an interesting business model amongst the IGBO brothers. I will touch on this later on.

Finally, I loved the roadside jollof and panla fish I discovered on Adeniji street.

The Boli (roasted plantain) and groundnut I bought was also anointed.

Then the takeaway pack of agege bread and Akara washed down with chilled can coke was celestial.

Eko Idumota reminds me that the world is a negotiation stage.

Our lives are filled with negotiation.

We negotiate daily and we will negotiate as long as we live.

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