An Indian once flew down to Lagos to work with me.

One day he requested to visit the temple to pray.

I Googled and found one in Ilupeju.

Since I was his host. I drove him to the temple. On getting there, he requested I step into the temple to pray with him.

I honoured his request cos I didn’t want my refusal to hinder the emotional progress we have made.

We removed our shoes at the entrance. Then he instructed us to step in to bow to 12 graven images.

I stepped in behind him. While he was bowing and praying. I was reading the details they wrote on the gods.

We finished and left.

Days later, he requested to follow me to my worship centre. Before the week ended we discussed his god and mine.

A while ago. He sent me a message that he now Googles and reads about my God. And he is excited about his findings.

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