My thoughts on DIVORCE.

Here is a synopsis of an intriguing conversation I had with an interviewer on the 10th of October, 2017.

Interviewer: Can you marry a divorcee?

ED: Who is a divorcee, please?

Interviewer: I mean someone who made a mistake or a bad marital decision that led to a divorce.

ED: If I understand you clearly, you mean to ask if I can marry someone who made a MISTAKE or once made a bad marital decision?

Interviewer: Yes, please.

ED: If something is a mistake, then it means it was an error in calculation, opinion and judgement, caused by poor reasoning, carelessness and insufficient knowledge.

Interviewer: Yes

ED: Have you ever made a bad financial judgement or mistake?

Interviewer: Oh yes, quite a handful, I just made one recently sef.

ED: Okay, how would you feel if someone castigated or stigmatised you based on a financial mistake?

Interviewer: Hmmm

ED: I think a divorce is an all-encompassing emotional mistake. Mistakes to me are the learning curves of life and as long as you are attentive to the instructor, you will be fine.

Interviewer: But God says he hates divorce.

ED: Yes, It is written in Malachi 2 vs16 that ‘he hates divorce’, not that he hates divorcees. One is the act or judicial declaration, the other is his relationship with the persons or personalities involved.

ED: So yes I can marry an emotionally stable adult despite their past.

Interviewer: Interesting.

ED: My focus is emotional stability not a herald of their past. Anyone can make a mistake.

Here is my virtual hug to anyone experiencing a divorce or the grey areas of life. May you forgive and permit yourself to love again.

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