My Thoughts on the Red and White image by Nathaniel Bassey

I woke up to the viral white and red flier of Jesus. I didn’t understand the message so I dug into the source.

Apparently, Nathaniel Bassey ignited this movement.

I have heard different perspectives on this and I will just like to implore us to focus on the goal, please.

If your goal is to campaign for PVC, please focus on it. If yours is Jesus and PVC please focus on it. We need everything that will make our Nation work.

Everyone also has a right to post on their walls and change their DP to what pleases them. We should not encroach on their fundamental human right or resort to online bullying just because we don’t agree with them.

Let people post what they desire to post as long as it’s not hurting anyone.

Finally, the fact that something does not make sense to you does not make it senseless.
Let’s accommodate ourselves while we clamor for a National change, please. Pele mai dia.

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