Nigeria has a prying culture

Nigeria has a prying culture.

A culture where we poke our nose into people’s businesses.

An average Nigerian was raised to snoop. We were raised to meddle, to feed on peoples lives.

We ask personal questions with a spirit of entitlement. We ransack, bug and ferret out people’s lives like it’s an extension of ours.

Any wonder we don’t understand why it’s inappropriate to ask strangers questions like when they are getting married? Are you pregnant yet? I thought you were pregnant, what happened to it? When are you having your next baby?

Most of us were raised to be unconsciously intrusive.

We gape into people’s business mindlessly.

We are not fully aware of the meaning of personal space both online and offline.

Any wonder, one of the major money-spinners is the business of gossip.

Earn money promulgating unfounded stories.

I remember an acquaintance who always called me to give me unsolicited stories. I didn’t notice this pattern until one day when I saw her call and didn’t pick up. Upon rumination, I found out that her phone call always left me emotionally drained. She was utilizing gossip as a tool of bonding. I wasn’t interested.

Are you also aware that social media has amplified this mindless culture? A culture that depicts a lack of awareness of others?

People lose their sanity by profiling, stalking and monitoring other people’s serendipity.

We must do better.

We must learn to mind our business.

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