Now that Nigerian Elections are over, what’s next?

Now that the Elections are over, what’s next?

Are we going to pretend that we didn’t just ostracize the Igbo people?

Are we going to act like some Yoruba people didn’t feel superior and made it feel like some Nigerians are more Nigerians than others?

Like you dine with them during the day but plot their demise at night?

What did you have to do to influence your tribe? Did you choose your parents?

Can you see why I said we didn’t turn out well in my previous letter?

We just need the right atmosphere to manifest our hatred.

We need the right trigger to hate people who are different from us.

We despise people based on Gender, Tribe, Religion, and Sexuality.

If we continue this way, it will touch us all.

One day, you won’t look Yoruba enough,
One day you won’t look like a Muslim,
One day you will be told you don’t walk, talk and act like straight people.

One day your child will experience this hell we are brewing.

We complain about Racism abroad yet we are swimming in tribalism.

We hold hands at our worship centers yet our hearts are plotting their departure.

Yorubas claim to be the emblem of character yet we just manifested our resident evil.

We all need to THINK!

We all need to engage in behavioral training courses.

We can’t pass this inherited generational hatred to our children.

Fathers need to start teaching their children to respect people’s gender, tribe, religion, and sexual differences.

Parents need to create family constitutions.

Organizations need to have frank conversations about respecting cultural differences.

Worship centers need to stop handing the microphones to terrorists and accepting offerings and tithes from political ritualists. If you can’t say no to blood money then stop pretending to be a Christian leader.


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