Dear Men,

Hope your morning started well? If yes doxology.

I have seen a lot of hot takes on how Mrs Joke Jacobs is a good woman and how marriage is in sickness and in health etc.

If roles are switched, will you serve your wife with the same depth of commitment you desire?

Or do you think if Sir Olu Jacobs was evil to her in their marriage she will offer him this depth?

My Dia, you won’t reap what you don’t sow. What you see is decades of service and love.

And if you are wondering how I know, I hosted them at a Couples Valentines Dinner at Oriental Hotel in 2015.

I, a stranger invited them to be my keynote speaker. 5 of them honoured the request. They also didn’t just honour it, they were kind and respectful to a then 32-year-old.

So their family has a history of kindness and commitment. Be kind and committed to your spouse too. Not just desire sacrifice!

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