I can’t remember my first encounter with the brand called FUNKE AKINDELE but my first conscious engagement was when she premiered JENIFA.

It was a blockbuster. The movie turned into a series that became one of Nigeria’s leading comic reliefs.

Funke has churned out various blockbusters with other producers too. The last however is OMO GHETTO, Nollywood’s highest-grossing movie of all time.

I mean Funke gulped 468 million naira in just a month. She disregarded the pandemic. Removed the ceiling and re-arranged the sky.

She sold out in a season where people are hoarding their disposable income.

Funke sold her market as if her life depended on it.

She shamelessly posted, promoted and marketed it.

She used all the talents at her disposal to increase her greatness.

This is the same Funke life dealt with a divorce, a miscarriage, an embarrassing national arrest. Yet she bounced back like a human with 49 lives?

Funke is one of my highlights in January.

She has taught me about shameless marketing. How to carry my matter for head.

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