Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,

I was invited to train 45 Judges on workplace emotional intelligence at a retreat venue in Nigeria.

I had also been informed not to address them as “Sir” and “Ma” but by the title “My Lord”.

When the training started, I honored “My Lords” by reminding them that they are some of the rare people in the world who share the same power spectrum as the creator.

They have the power of life and death in their tongue, can terminate and preserve, can extend or destroy. People can live or die at their word, they are the earthly most high.

While I recognize and honor their power, I would like to ask them a question,

Who are you without the power?

Who are you when your title, status, appellation, and sirens are stripped off?

Who are you without the external branding of intensity?

Who you are without the title is why I am here.

It was an intensive soulish engagement.

2 hours after and an ocean of tears ( mine inclusive), I am proud to admit that we emptied ourselves of ourselves.

#emotions drive people,

#Emotions drive judgment,

#Emotions drive power.

We are emotions in motion.

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