One thing I stopped doing in life is arguing or defending God

One thing I have stopped doing in life is arguing or defending God.

I am petite in stature and just 5.6 inches tall so what on earth will I say or do to defend the Almighty? That is why I mind my business when conversations are flying around to focus on swimming, reading, feasting on peppered snails, legal orgasms, and making money.

Humans have however written to me to discuss my thoughts on tithe so here you go.

Love gives.
Love sacrifices.
Love doesn’t negotiate.
Love doesn’t calculate.

When I love I give. I spend money, Emotions, and resources. I don’t spend 10% on the man I love, I give my all. I give with reckless abandon because where my treasure is, there lies my heart. So if I can spend more than 10% on a mere mortal, how much more on my daddy, my daddy ( in Simisola’s voice)?

I don’t pay 10% tithe cos I don’t do calculations or the numbers game with God. I simply give as much as I can.

God doesn’t need my money, he is not broke. It is his work and humans who do. Running costs of worship centers, school fees, house rent, medical bills, and emergency costs of his children must be catered for.

I also drop my token at worship centers that I trust are working for God so this eliminates the religious fraud question.

My thought on Tithe is tied to love.

I like Jesus, so I run the streets with him.



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