One things adulthood won’t prepare you for is REJECTION

You have to knock on doors till they open or simply create your own roof.

Someone asked after me today and I said, I am fine and hawking my documentary,

I am knocking on the doors of Global platforms to host the 61 minutes masterpiece,

Some doors have said the business of mental health and emotional stability isn’t sexy,

While some opened the doors but kept me waiting at the reception and some others offered me the lounge to sit and wait,

I am sitting peacefully for the door to be opened or closed. If they don’t open, I will descend through the roof,

For every rejection, I will fling open another door,

I don’t care how many doors I have to knock on,

I will keep knocking till I achieve.

This is adulthood.

A smoothie of rejections and acceptance.

Feast on both and enjoy the ride while it last.

I will talk to you again, I am off to hawk “The Story of a Girl Who Stood Up for Emotional Intelligence in Nigeria”.

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