When I took a train from Nottingham to London to meet up with my close friends and tribe members.

My trip was effortless and fast. All I needed to do was to pay attention to directions and follow the details at the train stations.

While at it. It occurred to me that life is about following principles.

The ability to be humble enough to defer at territories outside your control.

If you show up at a worship centre with jewellery set against their rules. They have a right to request you remove it. You have a right not to remove it. The utmost liberty however is your “MOTIVE”. ” YOUR WHY”. If your friend the groom was selfless enough to tap you at the back and say, see you at the reception. You can also be selfless enough to remove the earrings.

I am an ordained Pastor. I have been invited to train on Emotional Intelligence at a mosque in Lagos and Ghana. I informed the Muslim clerics of my spiritual role just in case they missed it in my profile. Then I wore a long dress. Tied a turban. Showed up with little make-up and removed my shoe at the entrance. I trained them barefoot.

Not every time wokeness. Anyhowness.

Respect territories.

Learn to defer.

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