It’s interesting how three grown men (brothers) decided to have a disagreement and disengaged yet some humans blamed a woman for it.

I mean 3 men with a combined age above 110+ parted ways. Yet we subtly held one of the wives responsible?

Is it strange to experience sibling rivalry?

Is it absurd for brothers to fight and keep malice?

Is it preposterous not to reach out to your sibling for a period?

Haven’t you ever left your siblings to enjoy their lives? While you enjoy yours?

Why are we acting like we all don’t have family differences? Or is it because they aren’t recorded and published online?

Stop holding a woman responsible for the actions of 3 ancestors.

Brothers fight!

Sisters quarrel!

Siblings disagree!

Humans disengage.

Disagreement isn’t a problem.

It is what we do with the differences that count. I would have preferred they mended fences earlier but I am glad they now have.

To the biggest twins in Africa,

Now that your throne has been re-established,

Please organise the biggest show in Africa in December.

Let the children of men dance their lives out to your soft songs.

We need some tender loving mental encounter.

Bring it on. Collabo. Give it to us personally. Chop our money. Recieve bank alert. Because no one like you.