Stop Tightening Life to your Chest.


Last week will be recorded in history as a week, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I was tired of thinking, working and designing my future. I just desired beautiful conversations outside of work, projects, deadlines, strategies etc.

Interestingly, the more I tried to initiate these with my tribe, the more depth they tossed at me. We have all been programmed to be cerebral but I was done being one at least for some days. I just wanted to play. Laugh and act like a nuisance.

I finally found a sanguine friend with a high level of nuisance value. We gisted like kids, teased each other about love, food, sex, everything. Then my brain got restored to its default setting.

The lesson here is, learn to play like a child again. Not every time work and wisdom. Sometimes be a cultured nuisance. Stop tightening life to your chest.

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