One of the most discouraging days of my life was some time in 2021.
I was invited to work with a team on a year-long project. I developed the curriculum and submitted my invoice, then I was invited for the signing and commissioning. On getting there, I noticed that our invoice had been altered. An extra zero has been added to the invoice so an 8-digit invoice had become 9 digits.
I asked what was going on and was told that for the project to work, people needed to be settled. We debated this for a while and they insisted that I should sign, take the portion of my fees and remit the others to them when we get paid.
Sadly I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I backed out of the project. I walked out on good money because I had promised myself that my work is my worship and I will not compromise my values. It was one of my most painful days, a day when being a son of God felt like a burden.
When I got home, I felt empty. I couldn’t work or do anything else so I booked a manicure and pedicure experience. But before I stepped out of my room, I knelt beside my bed in Lagos, Nigeria, and said these words to God.
God, a part of me is beginning to be tired of being your child because being your child feels like a burden sometimes. Please only mention my name where it matters not where I will have to feed through compromise. Then I left for my pampering experience.
About 90 minutes after, my phone started beeping, the notifications were so consistent that I was scared. Then I checked and it was from Twitter and my heart jumped in my mouth because if you know Twitter well, you know it’s not a joyful place.
I finally summoned the courage to check and Lo and behold, I saw this message.
The disrupting thing about this message and why this means a lot is I had not met him before then and I don’t attend DCC so there is absolutely no way this was real but alas it was.
God mentioned my name to his son in Atlanta, Georgia while I was discouraged in Lagos, Nigeria.
The 3 stories I have shared with you are stories that I nurse in my heart anytime the enemy desires to come in like a flood.
None of the humans I wrote about reached out to me nor send me a DM, it was God that mentioned their names to me. I also didn’t reach out to his son, he mentioned my name to him.
God is specific.
God is in the name mentioning business.
God has a track record of keeping his word.

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