Something interesting happened to me last year,
I was scrolling through Instagram in my living room in Dallas, Texas when I saw a picture in my feed.
The picture looked familiar so I kept staring at it, after a while, I clicked on it to check the lady’s profile page. It was a picture of a young lady who lost her husband in an unfortunate circumstance a couple of years ago.
I felt sad but then moved on to work.
After a while, the Holy Spirit instructed me to reach out to her.
I was wondering what my own was like, God abeg, I don’t even know her, please let’s respect ourselves.
Then the impression became stronger so I sent her a DM on Instagram.
She responded and I requested her account details. She was shocked and thankful, I sent what I had and moved on.
But God wouldn’t let me be. He instructed me to share her account details with others and I did.
Apparently, she had prayed to God earlier that day to send her the balance for her rent that was due in a week, and God chose to answer her prayers through a stranger who lives in Dallas, Texas while she lives somewhere in Africa.
Why am I sharing this?
I am because God will save you a minute before shame.
He will save you during the shame,
He will save you after the shame,
He will save you anyhow!

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