He was raised to expect and demand submission from women; wired to think that he deserves submission just because he possesses a protruding organ.

He peeped for submission everywhere.

From his Mother. Female boss. Female downlines. Sisters. Female friends. Everyone. As long as you are a woman, you must submit to him.

He feasted on this script until he discovered that one of the reasons why he consistently stumbles is because he has been wired to lead not submit.

He hardly listens or receives instructions from anyone. He is sufficient. Yet he makes bloody business deals, swim in debt and legal harassment. He has dug his grave in pride and self-sufficiency.

He can’t even comprehend deferring to men like him talkless of a woman.

Submission belongs to women. Even the good book never says men are meant to submit.

Well, there are so many things not recorded in scriptures that we practice. It didn’t say, we should brush our teeth, use the toilet, create social media handles, enjoy doggy style yet we do.

So what makes submitting to one another sound suicidal?

Isn’t it just logical to defer where you lack expertise? Or are you great at everything?

It’s also interesting how you wield a gender you had no influence whatsoever in determining as a means of oppression and control.

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