I have been investing in the Nations that flew in to attend our emotional intelligence certified specialist course.

When they showed up, some thought they were there to improve their careers.

They didn’t know that an encounter with Emotions City is a call to vulnerability and nakedness.

In a world where people wear masks. It’s a privilege to be and see a soul.

A transparent soul.

Who is not scared to be human. A woman/man and a professional.

Our adverse childhood experiences have made a part of us slip away.

What we have left is the hard shell. The coping mechanism.

We stopped growing emotionally since childhood but we grew mentally and financially.

The last 5 days have been deep for us all.
They have been moments of epiphany. A medley of tears and smiles.

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Emotions City is not an Academy. We are a soul stripping Centre. A heart surgery community.

Emotions City, Africa’s leading emotional intelligence centre.


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