The Man That Didn’t Kill Himself

Something interesting happened on Twitter 48 hours ago. An expose on toxic workplaces. Wise employers received the feedback. Efficient employees fastened their collars.

I ruminated on the history of toxic workplaces and oppression. I mean how did we get here,

My introspection furnished me with the fact that a society is a cluster of families. No family, no Nation.

So oppression started when we raised men to expect submission from every woman (women).

It started when we disrespected our house assistants, driving associates, security men, and everyone we had a little more than.

It began when the verse wife submit to your husband became more popular than husband love your wife.

It started when we chose the verse children honor your parents above parents don’t provoke your children.

It started when we told women to pray for cheating husbands instead of holding men accountable.

It launched when we told women to stay and die in physically abusive marriages.

Oppression started when the title “head of the home” became absolute. When a human being has the sole power in a home every day, every time, every situation. A soul obsessed with respect yet he respects no one. A human who will cheat and defend it. No accountability, no submission. Just vibes and intimidation.

The “head of the home” fragrance also filtered to worship centers. Asking questions was interpreted as an act of insubordination. A man has been elevated to the position of the supreme being, with the final say, anything outside his preference perishes.

The “Head of the home” incense is also at work. Oppression is served as breakfast. No teamwork, feedback, deliberation, apologies, kindness, empathy, respect. Just accent and anyhowness.

We can’t fix the workplace if we don’t fix the family.

We can’t fix worship centers if we dismiss families.

Nigeria will keep deteriorating if we don’t re-design the family.

Families are factories.

There is no love at work. Love is in people. People are raised or erased at home. They are baked or burnt.

Namaste ❤.

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