The quit notice that changed my life.


The Quit Notice that Changed My Life

We received an interesting message on the 3rd of January, 2020…it was a quit notice.

The Landlord needed his property 15 months after renting it to us.

While still trying to process and design our exit, COVID struck.

Two bullets in just two months.


But we continued helping professionals move from a life of dissatisfaction to satisfaction.

And organizations increased their bottom line by understanding that emotions drive people, people drive the bottom line.

Seven months after these pain points, we moved into our new facility: Our home at Osborne Foreshore, Ikoyi Lagos.

Today, which happens to be my birthday, we are launching our first ever TRUST / FOUNDATION.

The TRUST is inspired by the numerous requests we get across our social media handles daily to sponsor free therapy sessions for Nigerians.

The challenge here is that there is a limit to the number of cases we can afford to offer free therapy to because the mental health practitioners have to be paid. They also have bills and families to take care of.

However, with collaborations, we can preserve as many souls as possible.

The therapists will be paid stipends; not their usual standard fee.

Prospects will pay 20% of the fee as their contribution to their own lives and not feel entitled in any way to the offer.

Bookings will also be done on

A monthly accountability report will be forwarded to donees of six digits and above, so kindly forward your transfer receipt to

Here is an opportunity to save someone from depression and suicide by investing in them. Please, do so while you can.

Therapy is more affordable than a coffin.



Chief Servant,
Oyinkansola Alabi
The Emotions Doctor

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