There are four types of friendships.

To be honest, I feel like hoarding this detail because it’s deeply life-changing.

I also paid six digits to learn it.

But I will share it. I actually hope I won’t change my mind while writing.

The first type of friendship is the NATURAL friendship. Layered in five ingredients. Honesty. Loyalty. Sacrifice. Vulnerability. Mutual respect. You may not have more than 4 people in your corner who offer you this. So when you find them, preserve them.

The second type of friendship is the COERCED friendship. This is exclusive of the above 5 ingredients in the natural section. You love people but will not sacrifice or be vulnerable to them. It’s a comfort zone kind of love.

The third is POLITICAL friendship. These humans are with you for what you represent. What they can get not who you are. So it’s a silent trade and barter deal. Once the honeycomb is dry. They move on.

The final one is the PRETENTIOUS friendship. This type of friendship is the deadliest where humans pretend to be who they are not. I once had this with someone I called my friend but who kept on stabbing me. She said she hated me because she was jealous of me.

90% of the people you will meet in life will fall in the last three sections. Coerced, political and pretentious.

It’s your responsibility to preserve yourself.

Offering yourself as a living sacrifice to those three departments may be a waste of your life.

Give Ceaser what is Ceaser.