There is so much shame reserved for women

There is so much shame reserved for women,

Women are shamed for being single,

Shamed for not “getting married early”,

Shamed for not having a child,

For not shedding weight after childbirth,

Not wanting a child or a man,

Shamed for having a divorce,

Shamed for your child’s mistakes and excesses,

Shamed for having female children,

Shamed for not loving how to cook,

Shamed for being outspoken and assertive,

For being career driven,

Shamed for everything mere mortals can conceive.

The fragrance of shame is renewed every morning by humans who are ready to remind you of your inadequacies,

Ensure you never feel good enough.

Some hold unto your past because it is spiced in shame.

Women need to unlearn shame,

Members of the Fluffy Life Club, need to learn how to be shameless.

We need to learn how to have a great relationship with hatred, envy, jealousy, gossip, etc

How not to whimper when humans despise you because not everyone will like or respect you and it’s fine.

You also don’t have to hurt anyone to be detested, some will inherit the contempt while some will loathe you just because they detest themselves too.

Unlearn shame today,

Resist every feeling of inadequacy and shameful labels.

Own your failures and success with your chest.

So when the shame servers emerge, tell them not today, Satan.

I am good enough.

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