They Want This Deleted

They Want This Deleted

I see conversations on how to create healthy workplaces and a great place to work.

How to preserve employees mental health.

I love it. And I agree with it.

I however think we should increase conversations on how to preserve leaders and executives.

Employers are humans too.

Souls with a vision and passion.

Some of these mortals have been ruined and devastated by badly behaved employees.

Employees who steal.

Treat instructions as suggestions.

Gossip and lie.

Misbehave and act unruly yet expect to be pampered.

Adults who act like they are doing their company a favour. Don’t give a damn. But expect to be romanced.

Employers have mental health too.

They deserve to be preserved.

Running a business in Nigeria is a war against your mental health. Everything will disturb you. You will second guess yourself. Deal with every flavour of the devil in human form. Fight external battles. The last thing you need is an internal battle.

With team members who love money but hate work.

If we don’t preserve both mortals. There will be no great place to work.

We can’t keep advocating for employees. Without advocating for the employer.

Both adults must raise themselves!

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