We need to redefine the word BREAK-UP

Most times when a break-up happens it feels like the battle line has been drawn,

Not every romantic relationship will lead to marriage. Some relationships are for self-awareness and discovery, while some are for nuptials.

Thus, the need to embrace expectation management and redefine the word breakup.

The etymology of the word break-up means dissolution of connection or separation of a mass into parts.

Break-ups are painful, some feel like the end of your life but interestingly, you are still here with mere mortals thus, the need to re-interpret the word.

Breakups can be the preservation power of God. His mercies in action. So let’s weep and cry in his arms or book a session with a Therapist to help process the pain.

Break-ups shouldn’t lead to a breakdown. A breakdown of kindness and compassion.

We must preserve what is to be human even in pain lets we become emotional assassins. Is this easy to do, of course not but we have the Holy Spirit and therapy to help.

Here are my virtual hugs for you if you are experiencing one at the moment. I love you.

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