What if Empathy went viral?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all felt uncertain and burdened.

The fear of death, job and contracts loss, death, social distancing, loneliness and many more.

While I acknowledge that this is painful, I am grateful.

I am also hoping that we can share our hearts with others, after all, we rise by lifting others.

So can we make empathy viral?

What if we intentionally practised the art and discipline of listening, giving and expressing love?

What if we practised the art of forgiveness?

What if we scribbled words of affirmation to friends and family?

What if we planned a surprise lunch delivery?

What if we truly listened and not listen to speak?

What if we shared quality time with those we care about?

What if we could make empathy go viral?

Wouldn’t we all feel better about how we treated one another on the other side of this thing?

Join me in the 21-day #ViralEmpathy challenge

Where we will practice any of these four elements with others daily.

– Words of affirmation ( affirm others).
– Acts of service (serve them).
– Gifts ( buy a gift no matter how small).
– Quality time ( listen).

Are you in, please?

Save the date,

Set your reminder,

Scribble the names of the humans you will be pampering,

This movement will start on the 1st of August.


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