What to expect from EMOTIONS CITY during COVID 19.

Yesterday morning, Subomi Plumptre and I had an online workshop where we discussed how to increase your financial and emotional stability especially during COVID. We discussed salient points like

Dollar denominated investment options for Nigerians.

Rewarding Naira investment options.

How to hedge against inflation & currency risk.

How to access global markets.

How to conduct due diligence & analyse investments.

How to remain emotionally stable in an unstable world.

A game plan for multiplying personal and professional influence.

To request for a copy of the video, please click here http://bit.ly/EMOTIONSCITY.

Some of the reasons why we must pay attention to COVID 19 is

1) More people will lose their money, jobs and become depressed if we refuse to practice social distancing, Self – isolation and wellness. Some businesses survive through daily income, so once their cash flow is affected, they will lay off employees, who will be back in the overcrowded job market.

2) For Nigerians, staying indoors and communicating from a distance may affect our happiness and sense of connection. We are a social Nation. We will most likely be indoors in darkness too so we can’t afford a total shut down. Our health system is also a prayer point. We need to honor these regulations so the country can resume in the shortest possible period.

3) As much as we try to box life into clear-cut black and white categories that give us a sense of comfort, we will always fall short. Fall short of the ability to project into a future we have never experienced nor have the capacity to download its full data.

Life is full of uncertainties otherwise known as grey areas. The unknown areas of our existence. Virtual corridors of life that remind us of the need for deity dependence.

Grey areas have a reputation for meanness. It shows up to attack our core. Our soul. Joy and peace. It triggers a variety of coping mechanisms like alcoholism, emotional eating, drug abuse, sex, social media addictions, gaming, anxiety, panic attacks, suspicion, unbelief and many more. No one loves grey areas. No one appreciates being visited by life. But life has a way of planning pleasant and unpleasant surprise visits.
I discussed how to handle grey areas and how to remain stable in an unstable world during my session with Subomi Plumptre, you can request for the video recording here http://bit.ly/EMOTIONSCITY.

4) Finally, Emotions City will be offering 10 free therapy sessions. Each of them is worth six digits but we are deciding to help as many people as we can in our own way. So to claim a slot, please join our Facebook group
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Ecity/. We are also planning an online workshop on Saturday the 28th of March for parents tagged “Emotional Intelligence for Parents who desire to raise Emotionally stable kids”. You can reserve your slot here http://tiny.cc/EQ4kids

Do remember to take responsibility for your existence please, wash your hands, practice physical distancing and say a word of prayer.

God bless Nigeria.

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