When I sold my Red Car

When I sold my red car in 2018.

I sold it to a church member who heard I was relocating.

She paid immediately. But was meant to pick up a day to my departure in two months.

A month after payment, I changed my mind and opted for the online version of the course.

The most convenient part was to refund her money with apologies but I knew what she experienced to get the funds so I bought another car instead which cost me about 1.2Million more.

When I called her to pick up the car a month before the agreed date. She hurried down. Few hours after pick up. She sent me a long message.

Thanking me for being a Christian.

I asked what she meant.

She said her colleagues and friends vowed that the transaction was going to end in premium tears. Or how could she have paid 7 digits for a car and wait for two months to pick up?

They assured her it will end in a battle.

She thanked me profusely while I simply smiled and thanked her for thanking me.

I pondered on why it never occurred to me to double-cross her.

It never did because I was raised well and I am raising myself.

I was raised by a mother who taught me that a good name is better than riches.

I was raised never to do anything for money because money is a tool of performance.

Money is a part of life, not life itself.

Never trade your soul for it. If you do, you won’t live and rest in peace.

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