When what I knew about God wasn’t delivering results, I had to do this…

When what I know about God wasn’t delivering results, I had to do this.

I met God in February 1999 and we have been courting since then but at a point, I wanted more from the relationship and it seemed he wasn’t as doting as I was told so I set out to investigate his existence.

I wanted to know The Emotionally Intelligent God.

God the Financial Expert & Jehovah Jireh.

God the Shepherd and Father.

God the Healer, Therapist, and Surgeon.

God the Genius and Innovator.

God the one who loves with reckless abandon.

I unlearnt everything I had learnt to embark on a journey,

A journey that led me to discover that the “version of God” I had wasn’t going to deliver my desired results.

If God owns the Universe, then what do I own as his child? If I don’t own anything yet, how come? Is it a result of my disinterest or ignorance? What must I do differently to be like my dad? My dad can’t be wealth personified while I am living from hand to mouth.

If God is a genius and an Innovator, what solutions, systems, and innovations have I invented? If I am not creating like my dad, am I not acting like a bastard?

If God is the healer how come sometimes when we pray for the sick they don’t get healed? Some even die? Yes, he has the final say but what must I know about healing and the healer? How does healing work? What role does God play? What role do I play?

If the scriptures say pre-marital sex is a sin, then what are single Christians expected to do with their sexual drive? If sex is spiritual and spirits/things are transferred during sex how come wealth, kindness, love, candor, oratory, and other beautiful things aren’t transferred from both partners? Why do we keep hearing about negative transference?

Is a relationship with God driven by the fear of punishment, a desire to go to Heaven, or a love relationship between a father and a child?

If I can’t question God, Who should I question? Does my questioning him affect his ego or self-esteem?

My journey has furnished me with the fact that life is based on principles.

If you follow the principles of wealth, you will be wealthy. If you pray without applying the principles, you will be broke and broken.

Is your “version of God” delivering your desired results?

Is your spiritual brand reflecting who your father is?

What must you do differently to relate to your dad?

Is your version of him, the “Church” version or the discovery version?

If your version of God is the transferred version, you will suspect him till you engage in silent quitting.

God works but the version you have of him may not work.

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