Why I don’t pay 10% tithe

Interviewer- I am sure you have heard about the ‘Tithing’ story on social media, what do you think about it? Do you pay 10% tithe?

Me – No I don’t pay 10% tithe

Interviewer- Looks shocked, really? But you are a Pastor and the Bible says…? Me – Can I ask you a candid question, please?

Interviewer- Go ahead
Me – If I give you one million naira cash right now and sixty seconds after I ask for 100k, will you give it to me?

Interviewer- of course, I will
Me – Why will you?

Interviewer- Because you just gave me a cash gift of one million bucks

Me – Awesome. So that means you know I am the one who gave you the money in the first place?

Interviewer- Yes of course

Me – So if you truly believe God blessed you with 100%, then why is it so difficult to part with at least 10%? Does he even need to instruct you before you give back to his house or give to charity?
I am sure you have read the Bible and are expecting me to quote scriptures, no I won’t because I know you are ready to tackle it with all the logical reasons not to pay your tithe.

I think the major struggle with ‘giving back’ is that we don’t really believe God gave us all that we have in the first place. We think we earned them through our hustle, hard work and diligence thus the scrutiny and paralysis about why we should give, when, where etc.

Do you analyse this much when you are buying a gift for your spouse or someone you truly love? Do you just give them 10% of your income? Or you simply go all the way?
I don’t just give 10% tithe. I give more because I love him. I don’t need the scriptures to even tell me to give, I just do. I tithe my time, energy, knowledge and other resources too.

I don’t do Mathematics and Calculations with God, I give with reckless abandon to my worship centre, charity and as many people I can help.

Me – When I love I give. I love God so I think he deserves more than a little fraction or just 10%. I don’t argue about love or about giving. True love doesn’t argue over-giving.

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