You are a MESSIAH…

You are a Messiah…

It’s interesting how many people desire to succeed but not so many are committed to the work if your life must work, you must make it work so let’s do a self-audit.

How many hours do you invest in yourself daily? will your work rate make you stand before Kings? If yes, what type of King?

Will the way you speak and write make you Global?

Will your attitude to work earn you recommendations and referrals?

How often do you honor your word?

One of the recipes of self-sabotage is to do nothing yet expect everything.

And Prayer is not a cop-out for laziness.

Your creator is a genius but do you think, feel, and act like one?

God is excellent, are you excellent?

God is committed to you, are you committed to yourself?

You were created in the image of the Messiah so you are a Messiah. What solutions are you offering the world?

What are you an answered prayer to?

Don’t just pray, be an answered prayer.

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